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Re: Mast bend - Dream On previously Dump Truck
Alastair, your comments on the jib overlap and keeping the fairlead close to the sail is very interesting.

Over the last 2 years I have been playing with my cruising rig finding how to trim it for best performance close hauled. Last trip on Lake King we found ourselves crossing Lake King close hauled in 10-15 knot winds and my jib trim (pretty much as you described it) amazed me on the way INMA remained powerd up on very tight angles to the wind. If you saw my cruising main sail you would understand my amazement.

I was considering raising the tack of the jib to play with twist, after your comments I suspect I should be happy with what I had.

Not bad fun for a cruiser out for a days sail close hauled at better than 6 knots with the bimini up and the partner enjoying playing with the trim of the jib.

Greg 27-Oct-2005  

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