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new outboard for Rl28 - what fits?
We have an Rl 28 and the old Honda (100) 10hp has just died. I need to replace the motor and intent to get another 4 stroke motor. I would appreciate any information on what motors fit and anything to help in the decision making.

Ian Fulton
Ian Fulton19-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: new outboard for Rl28 - what fits?
Hi Ian - I posted some comments (re-posted below) into the forum on about 31st Dec 2003 and it may be worthwhile if you have a moment to check out that discussion. The discussion is accessable by clicking approx "page" 21 of the discussion forum, and the discussion was "Motor maintenance on a permanently moored RL28".

My thoughts were: ... a couple of quick observations about motor swaps.... When I bought Jezabel, she had a 1991 9.9hp Yamaha 4 stroke in the well. This motor went to outboard heaven, so I needed a replacement - the obvious choice being the 2001 Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke. Then the fun started regarding the later model.... Larger cowling won't fit in the well, spacing of the transom bolts is different from 1991, transom clamps don't open as wide as earlier model, tiller control no longer available (needs to have control box mounted), less clearance, so fumes in the well may also be a problem. I took a grinder to the back of the well and the transom to get it in, but not nearly enough to allow tilting. Those transom bolts were a dreadful job to position and fit. Perhaps be careful if designing / fitting any lift / tilt mechanism to make provision for later model (? larger ?) motors.... I am told that the Yamahas are a touch susceptible to head corrosion - which was terminal for my old white-top 9.9hp. On a side issue, one of my more successful pieces of ingenuity was to extend the telltale water outlet pipe from the back of the motor to the front to discharge the water into the self-draining cockpit where it is bleedin' obvious. Not only does this let you see that cooling water is flowing - both when cruising and especially for me during flushing on the trailer - but on hot days it keeps your feet cool!... Note also that there are several shaft lengths on the 9.9 - I think mine is NOT the long shaft, but may be just the ordinary length. It's worth checking this as the long shaft would result in much greater draft over sandbanks etc.

Good luck with the fitting - the Yamaha 9.9 is certainly a good motor.

Phil Gardam22-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: new outboard for Rl28 - what fits?
I have a Honda 15 four stroke in mine which required a small modification. If you had a honda 10 hp it would be the same as mine. there is a neglible weight difference between the 10 and the 15hp.
Robert Lester23-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 

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