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Nearing the end of the RL story - any requests?
Rob has almost finished the RL story. Is there anything else you would like to see included in it?
Keith Merkley10-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nearing the end of the RL story - any requests?
Thanks to Rob for all the information about the Australian sailing scene.

It amazes me that Rob has been responsible for manufacturing so many boats of all types.

Once again thanks Rob for the great stories and of course our great yachts.

Greg 14-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nearing the end of the RL story - any requests?
I was glad to see there is a chapter about the RL in the USA. Pitty things ended the way they did. As to a Chapter for the RL story; I would very much like to see a pretty/very technical chapter devoted strickly to the design of the RLs. I have seen bits in different chapters but a focused technical chapter that brings it all together would be great. Technical insight from Robb would serve us all well for many years to come. Thanks Robb for the great job thus far.
Hal Murray (USA)22-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
The RL story

Really enjoyed reading the RL story and I think it is great that it has now been documented on this web site. What really impressed me was how you never missed a deadline and each episode was delivered spot on time, definitely a class act.

I have mentioned to a few members of the Gippsland Lakes YC that your story was on the RL web site and they could not get home quick enough to flash up their steam driven computers. They all reckoned they had raced against you on either on Port Philip bay or at Paynesville. They remember your company Mouldcraft and also the sailmaking/mastmaking partner of yours who was good at tossing the coin!

Rob, the good news down here is that we now have 7 RL 24ís in our club. The bad news is that some of the boats are owned by old, retired and decrepit ex racers or sea changers who can hardly manage to get over the gunnels of their boats! We have a shortage of young, fit, foredeck hands prepared to do their thing on the sharp end of a RL24!

I think Bernie may be to blame for the sudden increase in numbers as I think he is the only boat storage organisation in the area offering free storage to RL 24ís!!!!

Thanks for your story


Alastair Russell22-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nearing the end of the RL story - any requests?
I'd like to add my thanks to Rob for the RL story. I found it a great read and an impressive example of some one following their ideas.
We came to the RL via my restoration ( every body told me it was too far gone - but epoxy and patience are both wonder products") of a ply moulded 60's Jolly Boat that i really loved sailing but eventally decided had to go when the sailing trips got longer and overnight. Wonder if Rob was connected to that boat?

I'd also enjoy a nitty gritty technical chapter on the thoughts behind the RL design and the way it came together.
The unfolding story has been timely as i have spent the last three weekends working long hours on the hull of our Mark 1 (suspect its one of the later mark 1 with a chine-ish line present towards the stern and a stove moulding & two draws on one side on one side an a fibreglass sink & two drawers on the other. I sort of needed a bit of extra motivation and found my self thinking over the chapters & admiring "the hand of Rob Legg" in the fast curves to the buzz of the orbital.

There weren't many areas of the hull that did not need serious work!
Osmosis blisters from previous owners Ken & Mills many extended cruises around the whitsundays and the murray river
Couple of nasty racing scars where somebody didn't bear away
A darkish & suphury Gippy lakes weed stain
Countless drying out abrasions from westernport nights
Gruesome divits from the most over constructed truck engineered tandem trailer that refused to set the boat free at mission beach, - bent rollers
An axe cut sized repair done in haste after an unidentified flying object hit the hull at highway highspeed some where near Marlybrough
Various scrapes and scratches from the trips with surf boards to the Quarantine break inside Port Phillip Heads and classic sessions moored in the noosa river.
If each ding could talk there would be many appendices for the RL story and this'd have to be multiplied by the number of hard working much sailed boats.
Thanks for the story Rob and a mighty trailer sailer that has been the means to enable so many of us to have great adventures and exciting races. I also reckon the freedom to explore mods and ideas within the design has been a major attaction - and made a great boat even better.
regards wayne
wayne hill24-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nearing the end of the RL story - any requests?
Wayne. Thanks for your comments, and yes we did build the Jolly boat hulls, only for a group in the Port Melbourne club. about a dozen in all, and I had forgotten all about them. Fortunatley we didnt have to discuss any detail with "Uffa" on those.
Rob Legg24-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nearing the end of the RL story - any requests?
Yep my Jolly Boat was a Port Melbourne Boat!
Thats amazing, I've jumped from ply wood Rob Legg era to glass Rob Legg era without knowing!
I repaired the boat using up most of a half a sheet of 1/4 ply and giving it a light glass sheath in epoxy outside and a heavier cockpit layer on the inside
We had heaps of great Jolly Boat adventures that usually involved either loads of sail & lots of wind - dragging off sharpies and very high speed capsizes or.... pottering about estuaries as far away as SA & Nthn NSW under sail, a rowing jig I made and a early jono 2 HP that was possibly the most tempremental motor I have ever owned! ( hence the other two types of power usually had to be taken along.)
Graeme Wain in Victoria continues to steer the class along and track the boats.
If I ever have another dinghy it'll be a Jolly Boat (or a 49er)
Thanks for that era too then Rob!
regards wayne
wayne hill26-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 

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