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I have an RL28 on a hardstand that needs a new coat of antifoul.It only hit's the water a few days every couple of months. Could anyone with experence give me an idea of how many liters I would need & maybe even what brand & type would best suit ? What's best, Roller or brush ?
Kevin 21-Sep-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Antifoul
If you only have your boat in the water for a few days you probably don't need to antifoul it at all. Better to scrub the boat when you come back. Antifoul will slow it down, even the hard racing finish types and is toxic if scrubbing the hull. Most types must be in the water all the time and will dry and flake if out for an extended time.
If it is already antifoulded, just leave it to leach for a few years before sanding it off so it is less toxic. Simply scrub it with a hard bristle broom while it is still wet to keep it clean.
I suggest you contact International Paints for help on types to use.
Keith Merkley22-Sep-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Antifoul
Thanks Keith, yea I have already sanded most of the antifoul off. The yacht is about 20 years old & I was wondering, given what you said, if I shouldn't just give the hull another coat of gelcoat or whatever it is that is used under the antifoul. If I went that way, I think I had better get a pro to do it, cause It's pretty well impossible to do it properly while it's on a trailer at the yacht club.
Kevin23-Sep-2005    Edit    Delete 

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