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More on the Dreaded Horizontal Stability Factor
I have just received the following correction from Yachting Victoria for the new RRS book (Appendix D part 1) in an emailed newsletter!

The small change is to the Screening Value (SV) formula in clause D.5.2 and it now becomes:

SV = 2.83 x LOA

Instead of:

SV = 3.33 x LOA

Following the release of Appendix D in May, it was found that some boats that had proven to be seaworthy in the past would be required to undergo practical RMI testing rather than pass the simpler SV test.

The previous SV formula had been based on a formula for rated length used in the past and not on LOA. The revised formula means that more boats will now pass the screen test and not be required to undergo the practical RMI test.

Yachting Australia apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused but is confident this amendment will be a welcome outcome for boat owners and for race committees.

Please contact Kristi Ruus Yachting Australia Competition Coordinator on (02) 8424 7408 or kristi.ruus@yachting.org.au with any queries."

The above correction to the recent YA ammendment to the new rule book still means that most trailer yacht class associations will have to conduct pull down tests if they want their class of trailer yacht to compete in Category 5 Races. The big Queensland Bay to Bay race, the Geelong to Queenscliff and the Marley Point races are all raced under Cat. 5!!!

What the hell is going on and who is looking after our interests? Are the state trailer yacht associations not interested? Do the trailer yacht class associations think that if they ignore the problem it will disappear! What is the RL 24 Association doing about this problem?

Alastair Russell


From Appendix D to part 1

A test or calculation is required for:

a. Any boat where the LOA exceeds 10 metres and the SV exceeds 10

b. Any boat 10 metres or less LOA and the SV exceeds 14

c. Any boat that carries more than 30% of its ballast internally

c. Any boat with a displacement less than 1.5 tonnes

Alastair Russell18-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: More on the Dreaded Horizontal Stability Factor
Thanks for letting me know, Alistair. Due to work commitments I have not attended the last couple of Yachting Victoria meetings and this issue has not been mentioned in any of the minutes that I have read. Now that you have pointed this out for me, I will be sure to deal with the issue appropriately.
James Shannon22-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: More on the Dreaded Horizontal Stability Factor
Thanks for taking on this problem. I think it is a YA mistake and that they have to fix it up! If I inject high expansion foam into my mast as in the old days I think my boat would pass the pull down test. I could of course shackle an empty 2 litre Pauls smarter milk container to the head board of my mainsail when I compete in any Cat 5 races!!!
Alastair Russell27-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: More on the Dreaded Horizontal Stability Factor
I asked the question of the Yachting Victoria Trailable Division at tonight's meeting what the ramifications of these amendments were and he stated that yachts with CBH's would not be affected by this and that it was really designed in response to new sports trailables in particular with canting keels. Based on that I would prefer not to force the issue for everybody's sake. If or when it becomes a bigger problem, we will be sure to address it and represent the class's best interests. Please anyone feel free to email me if they have a specific issue.
James Shannon7-Sep-2005    Edit    Delete 

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