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keel rl28
The keel in the boat wont go up or down. There has been some minor leaking in the system. I am wondering if this would stop the keel going down. I felt that gravity would let keel go down and system would only make keel go up. Perhaps the keel could be jamming in the case though it doesnt look like this. Has anyone else had this problem? Ideas of what is wrong and how to fix it?

Brendan31-Jul-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: keel rl28
Hello Brendan Check to see how rusty the keel is, they do jam in the case with a growth of rust on them & wont come down under their own weight. Since I removed, sand blasted, repainted & rebushed pivot all of my problems have gone away Regards Rob

Rob3-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: keel rl28
If the keel is jammed, the bar or wire connecting the hydraulic cylinder to the keel should have some slack. If not, the release valve is blocked and you will need a hydraulic repairer.

Another cause of jamming is if something is caught between the keel and the case. I jammed my anchor rope in there and couldn't pull it out or move the centreboard. The fix was to remove the cover from the top of the board and slide a metre rule down beteen the case and the keel and I could easily dislodge the anchor rope. If it has gradually been getting slower to drop it could be rust, but if it happened all of a sudden, it would be either something jammed or blocked hydraulics.
Keith Merkley4-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: keel rl28
I have had the hydraulics repaired though the repairer could not find anything major wrong. I have also had a look at the keel undre the boat their is a small amon\unt of rust near the pivit point the rest of the keel is fine. their appears to be a small space around the keel and nothing jamming it. I hope to put the hydraulics back in on monday and give it another go. I would have thought the keel heavy enough to go down and their would be a problem going up if any. Thanks for the ideas will keep trying :)
Don Quixote
Brendan5-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: keel rl28
Hi Brenden.
I had this same problem with my RL28 keel. Nothing seems to be holding it up. First of all, I made sure sure that the hydraulics was not the problem. But in spite of using a sledge hammer from inside the boat and placing a car jack against the cabin cealing, (not recommended) it did not budge more than 5 mm. With help from trailer sailer friends, it was decided to take the boat out of the water so we could get under it. Using a travel lift (slings) we lifted the boat out of the water. We removed the cover to the keel box. Using a fine band saw blade, we had someone under the boat holding one end of it and another in the boat, holding the other end of the blade. using a sawing action, taking care not to damage the fibreglass casing. Upon releasing the hydraulic, the keel droppied 10mm. Using a car jack and blocks of wood, we jacked the keel up into the box again. and repeated the process with the saw blade. This time it dropped 100mm. Jacked up again, saw blade action and so on. After four repeats, the keel came down all the way. I would be happy to discuss this with you further. My email address is jesmark@upnaway.com Good luck, Francis.
Francis Wee10-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: keel rl28
I have fixed the hydralics and cleaned around the keel with a pannel saw and the keel seems to go up and down ok. Thanks for comments and ideas.

Brendan11-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 

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