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Motor for RL24
I own an RL24 and have a Tohatsu 5 hp fitted. Although a good little motor, for prolonged motoring or in heavy weather it is noisy and a little slow. Can anyone please advise me what is the largest motor I can fit to an RL24 which will provide fastest speed under power, quiet motoring and yet not upset the balance of the boat etc. Is any special propellor type recommended? My boat is on a mooring and I currently fit my motor into the console as required- what special precautions would be required if I was to leave a larger motor fitted-ie corrosion , antifoul etc. Thankyou for your advice. Ian Farnsworth.

Ian Farnsworth23-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
Motor size
G'day we use a 3.3 single cylinder for racing and a whopping 15 hp ss Merc for cruising, see the photos of spiral navigator...transom was moved forward 80mm to make this an easy fit on a mk1 Dont forget the 15 and next motor down (9 or 10 hp ) ar basically the same casings just a different carby an possibly aslightly lighter crank ( check manafacturers spec..)The 15 is fine and we do abot 7.5 knot by our speedo which is not that accurate, reverse thrust is mighty and we are only talking about 2 slabs of beer in weight between the big and small engine ..I cant tell the diff on the waterline though we do run our boat pretty spartin otherwise.... One trick that attracted us to the big merc was that by taking along a solid floor 3.3 inflatable that now stows under the cockpit we have a tender that planes two adults and two kid if you swap the cruising motor on to the Quicksilver inflatable and put the 3.3 on the RL..we even tow our ten year old on a surf board "skiing' behind the "inflata-gata"...them that die with the most toys wins.. regards wayne

wayne Hill23-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
RL24-Motor-Big is better
Wayne,Thanks. I agree that 15hp would seem to be the largest size motor that I would readily lift in and out of the RL24.
Ian Farnsworth24-May-2001    Edit    Delete 

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