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Hull painting- any recommendations?
I'm re sealing the hull of my Mark 1 ...and I'm part way thru a filling (& occassionally re glassing the worst worn spots)fairing is going well.... (I'm on my 2nd Ozito orbital care of bunnings and the 3 yr warranty!)
Does any one have a good boat painting experience to pass on..I'm thinking of spraying two pack ...although a good thick rollered coat may also be an option...I used this method and it "pulled up" really glossy on the re done cockpit... Cant remember the brand though ...possibly International Marine. Its going to be an early spring job in Vic- cooler conditions with possibly moister air than I'd like. I'm more interested in a good thick protective coat than a blue printed mirror finish.
wayne hill17-Jul-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hull painting- any recommendations?
Years ago I had a keel boat painted using International polyurethane. The base paint is too white and needs tinting to a white/cream colour otherwise the hull will look bleached.

The painter that did my topsides used clear coat after the colour to make it look like a million dollars. In Melbourne the best time to paint is the still spring days where it is warm and no wind.

A random orbital sander is good value doing the fine work with the curved surfaces. It is an art getting the curves fair (which is why I let a boat builder do it, I am not that good).

Good luck with the weather, patience is needed for the right days.

After its painted a respray of the gloss clear coat every 5 years was recommended to keep the finish.

Greg 17-Jul-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hull painting- any recommendations?
The rules are simple; epoxy primer, polyurethane top coat. How much you spend is up to you.
If you are doing the job yourself and are a bit new to spray painting (the only way to go) try the Ameron range.
For primers you have a choice of Sea Prime 404 or 202 depending on how much build you need.
Seathane 707 is the top coat, recommended for its ease of application. It can go on a bit thicker than others and is less likely to run.
Mike18-Jul-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hull painting- any recommendations?
I repainted the hull of my Mk1 last year. I sprayed it using a 2 pack Wattyl industrial marine product. I went to "The Boat Clinic" in Sandringham Melb. They were very helpful with both the paint and the advice on how to do it I thoroughly recommed them. Started sanding on the cup day weekend and as there were 5 coats of paint on the boat this took a long time. Finished spraying in early December and happy with the result. Feel free to email me if you would like further info.
Rod Kirke17-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 

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