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RL24 Sails
Hi All

I am in the process of investigating options to update the sails on my Mark 1 RL24. I have found that I can get a new set of sails quite cheap from Rolly Tasker's Thailand loft. Has anyone had any experience with Rolly Tasker? Also does anyone have any advice regarding sail shapes that have proven successful?

Thanks for all assistance.

Scott27-Jun-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Sails
Hi Scott
Rolly Tasker has always been knowen as one of the best sail makers in WA
I got a quote of $1500 for an RL24 Main Sail at the start of winter from his Perth ofice
How did you get the over seas quote and how much was it. I have to replace my main too
greg27-Jun-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Sails
See the previous discussion about sail makers here
Keith Merkley27-Jun-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Sails
I am using a full set of Rolly Tasker sales on my RL24 Jazzee. They are quite old but still in excellent condition. The workmanship is very good with little or no fraying in the working areas of the sales. I don't know where they were made ie Aus or Thailand but the workmanship is undeniably first rate.

Alex8-Jul-2005    Edit    Delete 

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