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Lifting an RL24 mk 1 by the chainplates?
Does any one have any words of caution regarding lifting an rl24 by the chainplates ? My chainplates run up the sides and then turn at right angles to sit flat under neath the deck ...they are about 8"x3" x1/4" ss on the inside and 11/4" x1/4" on the outside thru bolted & epoxied into place> heavy duty in other words. Attachment point is a 5/16th std D bowfitting thu the deck and into the under deck part of the internal plate. Lift is via a chain block on each side and a rope block & tackle off the stern via the olds backstay strong points.
needless to say I'll be placing some huge chunks of firewood under the boat so if there is a failure it wont go far!
Reason is a big bog up & repair after 30 something years of trailer dings ( previous trailer) grindings on the bottom and a few ugly little lay up blisters which will need much drying out & grinding

wayne hill19-Jun-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lifting an RL24 mk 1 by the chainplates?
At least you'll find out the state of the u-bolts. If they have any age about them, it's not unsual for them to break. Stainless steel is a bit like that.
Personally, I'd consider the more traditional drop the boat on the grass and lay it on it's side approach.
Let's know how it turns out.
Mike20-Jun-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lifting an RL24 mk 1 by the chainplates?
Hi Wayne
Be very carefull lifting your boat in this way as the damage possibilities to the hull as the chain plates rip out could be extensive
Greg23-Jun-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lifting an RL24 mk 1 by the chainplates?
Thanks for the thoughts folks...
I agree there is some risks but the weight on each chainplate will be less than 400 kgs.. And I think I will roll the boat and do a side at a time rather than spray upside down.

Does anyboady know the larger loads placed on the side stay during heavy sailing? ...eg 4 heavy adults to windward & centre board vs full sail and a shy kite... Give the "squared law" re wind speed vs power I reckon those chain plates would get shock loads well in excess of 400 kg on a backstayless boat... The reason i beefed up the chainplate was be cause the previous anchor point for side stays was a track on the deck below the windows and it was starting to deform..I was worried about deck & hull parting company!
wayne hill17-Jul-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lifting an RL24 mk 1 by the chainplates?
After recently purchasing an RL24 (#164), as a matter of course I replaced all of the rigging, but not the U-Bolts as we regarded them as permanent fixtures. Well you know the story, first sail, one U-bolt fails. After removing the remaining bolt it also had corroded through on one leg and was also suffering fatigue cracking. So if you are replacing the rigging I suggest that you also replace the U-bolts as they definitely have a limited life!
warren stalder7-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 

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