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hand laid fibreglass construction
We had been the proud owners of an RL24 Mk3 for less than one month before disaster struck.An arsonist set fire to the boat next to ours in a boat yard which very soon caught onto our boat causing a large hole from just above the waterline up to the sliding hatch.Nearly everything inside was destroyed or badly damaged.We have made moulds to repair the damage,but now we need to know the correct makeup of the laminations before we can proceed.Can anyone inform us of the types,weights and order of the fibreglass.
P.S does anyone have some spare sails.
Guy Miller20-May-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: hand laid fibreglass construction
Guy. That was tough luck, but repairable. The laminate would be made up of the following. Gelcoat- 1 1/2 oz matt- 1 1/2 oz matt-- 18oz woven rovings--1 1/2 matt. Sorry but I cant remember the equivelent in metric. If I can be of further help, let me know. Good luck. Rob
Rob Legg.20-May-2005    Edit    Delete 

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