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bouyancy for a Mk1- how much is enough?
G'day, I've just cut out the original cockpit of our Mark 1 swing keel and replaced it with a new epoxy foam & balsa sandwich effort...not bad if I do say so myself, about 15kgs lighter,heaps stronger, bigger eskies, self draining and some enourmous storage space under the cockpit floor...heck we can even see over the cabin now! But I am wondering about bouancy..whats the recommended amount of litres of bouancy for a Mk1? I've got the original tank at the bow, and two large tanks at each side of the stern plus probably about 50l each - they go from hull skin to about 3/5th of the way to the deckline, 1/2 the quarter berths are filled with styrofoam, the coamings are filled with pour in foam probably, about 20l each and the foam sandwich materials which add up too about 200 l of foam/ balsa... That about it at this stage . I wonder if its enough?....There also appears to be a tank at the front of the v berth that has been cut open to take a 20 l water container- Its about 500mm wide - bow end to stern end...may be it was the orig water tank for the sink in fibre glass? It appears to have a std plastic bung in the top...
Wayne Hill11-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
New cockpit
Don't know much about the buoyancy aspect but I would really like to some pictures of the improvements.
Geoff McNamara14-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
Pictures of new cockpit
Pictures of Wayne's cockpit construction are available in the Picture Gallery. www.runge.com.au/rl28/gallery.htm Click on the pictures to see them full size.
Keith Merkley18-May-2001    Edit    Delete 

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