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Plenty of RL's at Bay to Bay
Rob would have been proud of us.
Of the 180 odd starters (and some were really odd!) 15 RL24's and 1 RL28 started in division 3, 4 24's (Mostly DK's) in division 2 and 2 28's in division 4. As you would expect, there was plenty of RL v's RL rivalry throughout the fleet. In the annual Munjai cup race (Touche v Apache) the youngster was given a sailing lesson by the crew from Noosa.
Day one saw a postponed start (no wind) and the fleet motored halfway to Inskip Point before starting at about 1.30. When the breeze kicked in, it was about 5-10 knots from the North East and probably never got above 10 even in the puffs. The first leg was a tight reach to T1 and those who started well, particularly Kanatamata and Kanuk got a good break on the other RL's. Hart Beat caught Kanuk on the run to S18 with Sarnia and Tigress threatening at times. The last leg was a very very very tight spinnaker reach to Garrys, so tight that leading RL, Kanatamata dropped their kite for a while and had to re-set it to keep Hart Beat at bay. Kanuk kept the pressure on the leaders.
Wind-wise, day 2 was worse.
The start was initially relocated almost to Sheridan Flats. The fleet anchored for a while, had a swim (it was a glorious day for everything except sailing) in the crystal clear water, had a refreshing ale and then motored up to Ungowa for another attempt at a restart.
This happened at about 1.30. As it was a heat of the Multihull Nationals, they were off first. When smaller cats and tris have difficulty getting across the start line, things are not good. Breeze was about 5 knots (sometimes) from the North, tide was flowing South at a good 2-3 knots. There was a bit of bias on the line, to the extent that some boats could'nt cross the line on Starboard tack. We crossed the line on Port at the supposed leward end and after a short dig of 50 metres or so, tacked back to get away from the worst of the current. The tide carried us back to the start boat and we had to go back onto Port to avoid hitting it. Ever had one of those days?
Kanatamata and Kanuk kept to the Fraser Island side of the channel and it paid off handsomely. They certainly left us for dead. Those who tried to work the shallows on the other side of the course just got in each other's way, and then had to deal with the division 1 and 2 fleets also trying to keep out of the tide. The breeze eventually settled in at up to 10 knots Northish but by the time we got sailing in clear air and water the leaders were long gone. Good for them.
I'll post some proper results when they become available. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Hervey Bay Sailing Club web site.
Apart from the sailing, a great weekend was had by all.
Mike Hart1-May-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to Bay
I am proud of you all! Did Nomad- Apache hold her 30th birthday party at Garrys as planned?
Best regards
Rob2-May-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to Bay
But wait, there's more...
Other noteworthy events:
Mistress completed her 25th Bay to Bay under Ken Hastings' guidance. That is a pretty amazing feat. Most of her races would have been with the late Rob Batchelor. The last 10 minutes of day 2 was as exciting as any part of the race, with Mistress and Hart Beat going tack for tack. Mistress eventually prevailed.
Col Verrall did a great job as race controller under very trying conditions. He actively discourages protests, very much in keeping with the philosophy of the race.
Kanuk was top RL, completing the course 30 minutes quicker than Sarnia, with Go For It, Hart Beat and Tigress close behind.
Apache's birthday party is still to come. At present she remains in Maryborough awaiting new tyres. The message here is don't have a blowout on a public holiday and especially don't have 2. There's probably another; If your spare isn't 100% is it really a spare or is it just postponing the inevitable?
As a guide to how difficult Sunday was, 37 boats out of 132 in div 2,3&4 didn't finish.
mike3-May-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to Bay
Great to be part of the Bay to Bay, our 1st time at the great event and will be coming back for the 26th all well and God willing. Pitty about the winds, I was told it was the only two days in the last 6 weeks that it hasn't been from the SE. Certainally agree with all of Mike's comments, pretty tuff with the tide and lack of stronger breezes, but still a memorable weekend. Congrats to the organisers as they had some pretty agonising moments on where to start the races. The competition between the RLs was great, I was looking to see how the performance of High Spirits was in comparison to the opposition- I have not raced against many other RLs since I've had my boat; still have some work to do.
That leads me to my next point, our Club the Lake Keepit Sailing Club is having its annual Keepit Kool Regatta over the June long weekend 11, 12 & 13. Any takers? Email me for a Notice of Race.

Ken Donaldson4-May-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to Bay
Where is Lake Keepit.
Big cadoos to to the Hervey Bay and Tin Can Bay Sailing Clubs for a wonderfully organised event once again.
It was too late by the time we got into Garrys to do anything about Apaches birthday so it back on the burner.
We have been working for many years on our Bay to Bay handicap and the rumour is that next year the hard work may pay off. It could be that next year the handicaps will be based on previous Bay to Bay results. Having lead the field at the wrong end of the fleet every year we may have a shot next year. Our only threat with adjusted handicaps could be Touche who of course has worse BtB results than us.
Nomad20-May-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to Bay
Lake Keepit is between Gunnedah and Tamworth in northwest NSW on the Oxley Highway. A freshwater lake used mainly for irrigation in the Namoi Valley. The dam is presently at 26% and holding so there is plenty of area for competitive sailing courses. 6 races over three days on the June longweekend (11,12 &13)LKSC has been functional since its inception in the 1960s. We have a excellent clubhouse and the Keepit Kool regatta has been happening annually since then. We used to get up to 80 boats 20 years ago, now we down to 25/30. Mostly T/S and monos. Its a fun weekend. I can send a NOR if required.

Ken Donaldson21-May-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plenty of RL's at Bay to Bay
Would you please email a notice of race to the above email address for the Keepit Kool Regatta.
If this isn't possible mail to Lorraine & Steve 20 The Beam PORT MACQUARIE 2444.
We are looking forward to sailing on an inland lake with our 'T'.
See you all there.
Kind Regards
Lorraine31-May-2005    Edit    Delete 

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