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Replying to:How to check condition / for excess play in the pivot of the RL28 keel
I have a knock eminating from the keel of my RL28 when anchored in a swell with the keel down. I'm interpreting this as possibly being due to loosness in the keel pivot pin - or perhaps there's another cause. Either way, I guess at some time I will need to check the keel pivot. Some questions: * is it accessible - and if so how and where? * is it related to the formed fibreglass bulge just outside the bathroom above floor level on the centreline? * what maintenance is appropriate for the pivot pin? * (on a slightly different topic) the leverage exerted on the lift cable when close to the top of its travel by 400kg of keel must be very high? * any other related thoughts / experiences from RL28-ers? All comments appreciated.... Phil