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Bay to Bay 2001 Awunda
Gary Roberts - Myself and a couple of other owners would really like to know what the next step is after getting a little damp. Geoff Mc
Geoff McNamara9-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
AWUNDA & the bay to bay
Thanks for the invitation to comment. When I dry out I will tell you the long version. There is a pretty simple explanation. We have been workinbg on some very simple modifications that need to be done. Sealing off buoyancy tanks that we thought were air tight and some centreboard modifications have kept us busy. Additionally we are building a new rudder and will be on the water in a week. We were very well looked after and got lots of help from Harvey Bay sailing Club and will be back for a sail next year. The salavage was expensive $3,000 and repairs similar, and as well as personal items similar.

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts 18-May-2001    Edit    Delete 

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