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Replying to:RL34 keel blade
Can anyone throw some light on my RL34 keel? The drop blade on "PETREL" is raised and lowered by an electric winch.While replacing the winch cable recently I found the blade travel down from fully up was only 450mm (might explain ordinary windward performance).On checking the specs on this site it seems the blade travel should be about 900mm based on the min and max draft figures of 760 and 1670mm. This is somewhat confused by the claim of a draft of 500 or 'just above knee height' in the introductory blurb. Anyway, after much checking and adjustment I have been able to achieve a travel down of 660mm from fully up. Any more than this and the load on the winch increases dramatically when raising the blade. I believe the reason for this may be that as the blade slides down the sternward inclined keel case,there is a tendency for the lowered blade to pivot forward and hence jam in the case. Any thoughts or useful information out there?