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Mainsail raising / Backstay
Hi, I have great difficulty pulling my mainsail up the mast, it is quite a problem for getting away without a hassle, and not condusive to pulling up to anchor. The mast is one with an external track. I'd be keen to know of others with the same type of track and what improvements can be made. A new mast is an expensive option.
Also, I want to put on a backstay (MK111). Any advice or photos on rigging that works would be great.
Philip12-Feb-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Mainsail raising / Backstay
I have a peelgrain mast with no backstay. I have had similar issues with the bolt rope in the track.

My boat came with 3 mainsails a geat full battened main with lots of roach and a bolt rope for the mast track, a poor full battened main and an old main with slugs and reefs.

I sailed the RL for the first year with the good mainsail had fun but did not appreciate the problems feeding the bolt rope into the mast track. Unlike previous yachts I had owned with bolt ropes, feeders did not improve the situation and the track and rope generally sucked.

I was keen to try the slugged sail but the mast track did not go low enough to properly allow retention of the slugs when the sail was reefed. What is it with riggers? I had a new Southcoast Magnum with exactly the same problem and had to get a piece of track to allow proper lowering of the sail with the slugs.

Last year I managed to get some second hand mast track for the RL and extended the track down to near the gooseneck. With a bit of fun and games I rigged the old sail with reefs and set up a single line reef. I also have lazyjacks that act as a topping lift when reefing and keep the mainsail under control when it sits on the boom.

I have now sailed with the slugged sail many times and am pleased that I can hoist drop and reef the slugged sail from the cockpit without any dramas.

Next thing on my to do list is to have the good sail converted to slugs and install a set of reef points very high up for the bad days. I want the performance of the fully battened sail back with the convienience of slugs and safety of a big reef.

Unfortunately I cannot advise anyone where to get sail track. From my enquiries I discovered the track is no longer manufactured and the last of the stock was used about a year ago. My piece of track was from a damaged mast and only just long enough to fit my mast.

greg13-Feb-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Mainsail raising / Backstay
Just a couple of things that may help if you have't tried them; check that the main halyard sheeve is turning freely and that the halyard is not too heavy for the sheeve; check that the bolt rope size is correct for the track, and try raising the sail without rig tension on.
Darryn15-Feb-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Mainsail raising / Backstay
Thanks for the advice, I'm looking into slugs now, it sounds like they may resolve the problem.
Greg, did you put on the slugs yourself, and extra mast track?
Phil18-Feb-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Mainsail raising / Backstay
Had the same sort of problem with mine. Some spray-on lube in the track and on the slugs fixed most of it .. certainly enough to remove the nuisance value.

Reefing has the same problem with the slugs sliding out of the track. Simple fix is to tie a bungee around the base of the track and secured to the pole attach ring .. works a treat and costs near nil.
John19-Feb-2005    Edit    Delete 

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