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Help!!! Help!!! Help!!!
Mast plug fell out on way home ( which idiot used aluminium rivets?) where can I get another? is the original still available? I am in Ipswich QLD have tried Glaskraft, no luck. yet to ring Allyacht Spars. Help, I want to go sailing!
Martyn10-Feb-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Help!!! Help!!! Help!!!
Try Light Spars of Australia
03 9555 4622
They have plugs for many sections. I think they bought the Ronstan moulds years ago.
It would be a good idea to take some accurate measurements before calling them.
When you get your new plug, seal it in with Bostik Seal 'N Flex to reduce corrosion (by keeping the joint dry) and to stop it falling out again. Once you use it you will never use silastic again.
Mike10-Feb-2005    Edit    Delete 

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