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RL 28 and weather helm
I owned an RL 28 some years ago and was contemplating buying one again. I do have some doubts though due certain characteristics of that boat. It used to suffer from a lot of weather helm particularly in medium to strong gusts to the point where the rudder would lose grip and stall completely and the boat would be totally out of control. Very disconcerting near pylons and other boats. It could be quite dangerous. The weather helm didn't seem to be a function of heel, more a function of the strength of the gust. I don't know whether this is typical or if this boat had a problem. The sails were old and probably out of shape and the boat was a heavier layup (built to survey I believe) Can anyone share with me their experiences of this design. I am also contemplating a Magnum 28 if this doesn't work out and if antone has experience with these I'd appreciate input.

Thanks in anticipation.


Andrew2-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
RL28 weather helm
I have never had weather helm on an RL28 to the extent you mention. Certainly there can be a heavy pull needed on the tiller when reaching in strong winds especially under spinnaker, that can be fixed by easing or reefing the main - but it feels slower and is not as much fun.

It is worth reading Steve Leicester's and Phil Moffatt's comments under "Reefing" on the discussion forum. An overpowered main is often the cause of RL28 imbalance, and your old sails if stretched would aggrevate this. All RLs need to be sailed as upright as possible to minimise weather helm.

RL28's built in survey do not suffer any imbalance problems although they sometimes feel slower - perhaps just their extra weight.

Keith Merkley3-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
rounding up
Rake the keel bake a little in heavier winds. this will move the clr aft a little and will decrease the helm. Works well on my 24.
dave21-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
Keel rake
Hi there. just a quickie to ask if you are serious about keel rake on an RL 28. I appreciate moving it back might/would give some lee helm but wouldnt it endanger an already under keeled boat?

Cheers Phil

PS Ive owned RL28 SHALIMAR for 2 1/2 years in Brisbane

Phil Macqueen10-Dec-2001    Edit    Delete 
Keel rake
The idea is not to induce lee helm. Rather reduce excessive weather helm. A rake of 20 degrees is not going to remove the boats stability by a measurable amount I would think. I certainly doesnt have a negative effect on my 24.

I dont know the design of the 28 "that well" and some one else here may be able to suggest why not to do it. At first glance though, I would say give it a go.


dave3-Mar-2002    Edit    Delete 

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