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RL 34
The Rob Legg home page indicates the RL 34 is trailable. Has anyone had any experience with trailering such a large yatch? What sort of trailer is required (double axle I'd imagine)and load capacity etc?
Bill30-Apr-2001    Edit    Delete 
Trailering RL34
Because of its size and weight a substantial towing vehicle is required. In the past this was generally a small truck but presumably a large 4WD could be used but state regulations would need to be checked.

Because of its width (greater than 2.5 metres), it requires a permit to be trailered and is subject to various restrictions such as daylight hours only. Yuor local police station can supply these restrictions as well as the permit.

A dual axle trailer is certainly needed - even the RL28 requires this, and electric brakes are also required.

While not designed for regular Sunday afternoon trailering to the bay, there have been people who have trailered their RL34 to the Whitsundays for their holidays.

Keith Merkley3-May-2001    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 34
i trailered my rl34 c-nymph regularly between adelaide and goolwa from 1988-1998 and usually left her on the trailer with mast up and launched her most weekends from the trailer. had custom built a mckay tri-axle trailer with vaccuum disc brakes on all wheels!(pulling was not the problem braking was)i towed her with a landrover 110 v8.also made a 2 tonne electric winch with a 2-1 purchase tackle.
rob robinson23-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 

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