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New O/B for RL24 well.
I currently have an ancient 8hp Suzuki O/B which swings up nicely out of the water in the cockpit well. Time for an upgrade. Does anyone know of a current model 4-stroke which will fit the well & still have room to tilt out of the water.
Darren28-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 
Are 4 stroke motors better for RLs?
I am not convinced that 4 stroke motors are the best choice for sailing boats. There is no doubt they are quieter, run smoother and are much more fuel efficient.
On the other hand 2 strokes are still lighter and as much weight as possible should be kept from the ends of the boat. And 2 strokes cope better if neglected, and most motors on sailing boats receive minimal service and care. The fuel efficiency is of limited benefit if you only use the motor to get away from the ramp/marine. And 2 strokes are generally cheaper.
Power boats benefit from the 4 stroke because of their wider transom to carry the weight; greater use of the motor means the better fuel economy saves heaps; and, as their primary power source, the motor receives better care from their owner.

Keith Merkley28-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: New O/B for RL24 well.
I fitted a new 5hp Mariner 2 stroke in my RL24 Mk4 about a year ago.

I agree with Keith that I could not justify a 4 stroke on my yacht.

If you do a search on outboards or well on this site, I am sure you can read my many posts as I worked through measuring and fitting the outboard. Some photos of the engine in the well are at http://groups.msn.com/TrailerSailerPlace/inma.msnw?Page=1

The later RLs have the mounting crossmember 50mm further forward than the older RLs. If you have an old hull (pre about 1982) then you will not find a new engine that will tilt in the well completely.

I find the 5hp with high thrust prop excellent on the RL. It reaches hull speed at 3/4 throttle and planes the hull with the help of waves. Some people suggest bigger engines are needed for the RL, frankly I would suggest my 5hp with the high thrust prop is as good as any old 8hp, that's the technical improvement available in new engines.

Noise wise any engine in the well is noisy due to reflected noise. I have a tillerpilot and move forward away from the engine on long journeys.

The new motor has performed well for the last year. No complaints with the motor or the dealer. Mercury/Mariner have a policy of putting the high thrust prop on new as part of the original price. Given some dealers charge up to $250 for a high thrust prop, its a significant issue to order the prop with the new outboard.

If you race your RL the 5hp is not legal in the class. Given there are no new 6hp engines that will fit the RL24 I believe the association needs to adress their rules. The RL24 was designed for 4 to 10hp and the class rules seem to be out of touch with this situation. I don't race so its not an issue for me.

If your in Melbourne email me if I can help.


Greg 28-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: New O/B for RL24 well.
Dear fellow RL24 owner,
I researched new motors for my RL24 Mk3 about 18 months ago. Like you I had wanted to get a four stroke as they are quieter and less smelly. I carefully measured up the well and found only small four strokes might fit. I decided I wanted the maximum horsepower that would fit my well so I changed my requirement to a two stroke. Much to my surprise I found the Johnson 8 HP two stroke was the only new (2003)6-8 HP motor that fitted. There is less that 12mm or 0.5 inch to spare as the leg swings completely into the hull and the engine cowl misses the tiller. I also measured the Yamaha 8HP and the Tohatsu 9.8 HP both of which wouldn't swing into my hull. The Mariner 8 HP and Tohatsu's cowlings were both too bulky for my well.
Please note this was for my well which doesn't appear to be modified. I must emphasise the need to spend time measuring your well and prospective motor especially identifying the critical extreme points on the arcs described by your cowling, leg etc as your motor swings into the well. I use a standard leg and prop as I doubt the larger sail prop will fit into the well.
It works well (4.5 knots at cruise, over 5 knots at max), but is noisey and smelly, but is light (25 kg) and is really only to get the boat a limited distance.
Happy sailing,
John Whitelaw
John Whitelaw5-Jan-2005    Edit    Delete 
Sometimes a difficult fit is GOOD!
I have a 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke in my RL28 well. It's about 4 yrs old and was VERY difficult to fit in the well. Angle grinder to cut the fibreglass surround, lower it in with the mainsheet as a crane. Different bolt spacing etc. Last Sunday I went to Manly RQ to sail - to find storm cover flapping, disconnected fuel lines, cut cable ties, clamps undone, but the motor still in place. I guess the creep who tried to nick it had as much trouble undoing the transom bolts as I did doing them up! My only regret is he didn't jamb his fingers between motor and well or bark his wrists as much as I did!
Keith - I think the lesser fumes and quietness from the 4 strokes is a big factor in their favour - but then maybe I do motor when I should be tacking!!! One thing in favour of the smaller 2stroke is that it's easier to take an outboard motor to a service man than to arrange access for him to a boat (e.g. secured at Manly). The 2 stroke is easier to remove and manhandle.
(p.s. I enjoy your forum)
Phil Gardam6-Jan-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: New O/B for RL24 well.
I am new to the RL24 class having just bought a Mk1 with an old, heavy and unreliable outboard. I am looking at purchasing a new outboard to be used only for manoeuvring between the ramp and race course. I am interested in the lightest outboard capable of the job and am thinking of a 3.5hp or 4hp as I have experienced other similar sized trailer sailers managing with this size outboard (a little slow into a strong headwind but does the job for short distances). I am interested in Greg's comment that a 5hp is not legal in the RL24 class. Could someone advise what is the smallest outboard an RL24 can legally carry for racing?
Scott26-Jan-2005    Edit    Delete 

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