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RL 28 Galley Tank
I need to acess my galley tank. Forum suggestions indicate I have no alternative but to cut my way in. Can anyone suggest where the best position to start from is or any advise on the matter.
Paul Haggarty21-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 28 Galley Tank
The galley tank in my RL28 is removeable but I have one of those 6" approx plastic inspection ports in the top. It is big enough to get your hand in to clean the sediment from the bottom - similar to that in the bottom of a kettle. Those ports do not seem to leak with slashing even after many years but I wouldn't trust them when permanently under water. So if you can get away with a hole just big enough to fit your hand through, cut the hole high enough that it above the normal water level and fit an inspection port.
There may be baffles in the tanks which will restrict you access to parts of the tank no matter where you cut the hole.
Keith Merkley24-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 

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