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RL28 centre-board lockdown.
I'm wondering if the centreboard is effectivly locked in place if you screw in the release knob when the board is in the down position.
It would be nice to know in the event of a touchdown or worse capsize.
Jason26-Oct-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 centre-board lockdown.
The centreboard is certainly locked down when the hydraulic release is tightened. I have never hit anything hard enough but I imagine that the hydraulics may give a bit if the the centreboard hits something immovable. More likely the hydraulic shaft would bend or the bolt where it connects to the board would break. But for normal use and the occassional touch of the bottom (a regular occurrance if you sail on Moreton Bay), it is quite robust and forgiving.

Has anyone hit hard enough to break something?
Keith Merkley27-Oct-2004    Edit    Delete 
Many thanks Keith, thats great news.
Jason27-Oct-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 centre-board lockdown.
When we were cruising on Mcquary Harboar in Tasmania earlier this year we hit a large rock or tree under the water which kicked the centre plate up and dropped it quickly which broke the lug cast into the plate which has the hydraulic cylinder rod attached to it. This allowed the plate to swing down, we had to remove the plate to carry out repairs.
Kingsley WHITE11-Nov-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 centre-board lockdown.
Yes, we have hit something hard enough. A submerged tree is enough to do some damage. The brackets on the bottom of the hydraulic ram broke allowing the keel to fall forward. You suddenly become an RL 28 with a 6 foot draft. To fix this we had to remove the ram to have new brackets welded to it. The boat then had to be lifted to reposition the pin through the brackets. Not a hard job with the right equipment and bank balance. Thank God for Tin Can Bay.
Dennis16-Nov-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 centre-board lockdown.
I hit Peel Island moderately hard. Luckily only the NW side (where the coral bommies are). My RL28 (Jezabel) has a flexible stainless 1/2" cable coupling (rather than a rod) between hydraulic lifter and centreboard. This cable broke at the lower end and left me with the 6' draft RL28 mentioned by someone else. The only way off the bommie was forward bumping along to deeper water. Not fun. Next job was to drop weighted fishing line down centreboard casing, pull down rope, dive under boat, disconnect shackle, attach rope, gradually raise keel, step by step etc etc. Have since replaced this cable, but I often wonder if Rob used a rod in most RL28s to prevent the keel coming up with a bang in the event of a knockdown?
Phil Gardam6-Jan-2005    Edit    Delete 

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