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Has anyone sailed or know of someone that has sailed a substantial distance along the murray river. I just want to know if motor/sailing/drifting any distance down the murray is worthwhile or a total nightmare. I would like to spend 3 to 4 weeks on my RL24 on the murray and actually move. My biggest disappointment would be constant headwinds. Any advice would be appreciated
Dave Martin
Dave Martin25-Oct-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: Murray
Our Mark 1 "Juanita" did many Murray trips and it was a favorite destination with the former owners Ken & Mill of Warricknabeel(pardon the spelling) There are commercial outlets offering 1:25 000 maps that are easy to navigate off ( thats bush walking scale ) but 1:100000 would suffice if you are adventurous...I'd ask if there are any "ortho-photo maps at 1:25,000 thats arial photos with the roads & place names super imposed over the top in contrasting ink
Parks Victoria will be able to give you info on camping on the Vic side phone number is 13 19 63 ( local call cost only or you can down load park notes from http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au .
Ken & Mill left us a great book with the boat RIVER MURRAY CHARTS 4th Ed- Renmark to Yarrawonga : Maureen Wright scketches by Nevile Kroemer ( self published in Adelaide - 1975)Takes you from the hume to the sea> If you cant track it down I could photo copy it and send it to you...its probably a bit dated but does have the river bend by bend and some interesting history note. NSW Parks & Wild life would be good and there is a NSW Maritime/Waterways office in Albury - they manage boating on the river & might have special publications
Speaking as an ex white water river guide there is annabatic winds that tend to run up hill (up river) peaking at the hottest part of the day... in warmer months and catabatic winds that tend to run down river in the eveningsI reckon there would be a fair bit of start the motor& move back to the centre manourvouring short and occassionally frequent bursts>>>I cant help but start thinking about a sweep oar but you need to be moving forward for them to have any real effect!then theres the cost odf drums & slaves, chains etc!

Theres some top winweries along the way and the Bahmah forest can be a treat. the river gets busy in patches when the water skis season is in ful swing...Dec to easter weekend & public hols Late summer & autumn can be very pleasant.
Wayne Hill28-Oct-2004    Edit    Delete 

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