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rl24 and 28 heights
hi could anyone tell me the height from the road surface to the highest point on both rl24 and rl28 with mast folded down excluding bimini please ,building new garage looking at options cheers
frank21-Oct-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 and 28 heights
I had a mk 4 on a tinker trailer with 14 inch wheels. The mast is the highest point on the trailer at 2400mm front and 2100 at the rear.

The Mk3&4 have a 100mm higher freeboard and cabin than the Mk1&2.

The swept back spreaders limit how low the mast sits on my yacht. I have sean yachts with the mast stowed to one side that are probably 100mm lower.

It would be posible to lower the drawbar on my trailer to get the height to 2300mm overal but thats about it without removing the mast.

Other trailers might have smaller wheels but mine seemed to be a typical height.


21-Oct-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 and 28 heights
Hello Frank Sorry for the late response however my shed height for my RL28 is 2.587m from floor to under the lowest cross beam of roof. I have fitted 50mm lowering blocks & underslung the springe on the axle,mounted centre rollers as low as possible on trailer about 40mm from top of roller to main frame as well as fitted 13 inch LT radial tyres to keep the overall height as low as possible. To get the boat in the shed its necessary to place the mast on the side of cabin sitting on the lifelines below cabin top,this gives me about 50mm clearance between top of boat & shed roof. Before this I had a RL24 MK3 in there with no problems Regards Rob
Rob11-Nov-2004    Edit    Delete 

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