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Water Leaks
In the front locker I have a constant water leak. This leak is in the locker housing the water pump for the shower etc. I have drained the water tank thinking it maybe coming from there but the leak still persists. Is there a common place that leaks in that area on RL 28s? Anyone having this trouble maybe able to help. Thanks.
Steve Leicester26-Apr-2001    Edit    Delete 
forward leaks
We had a leak up front on our RL24. It was from the retieval point which one uses to winch the boat back on the trailer. I don't know if RL28s have these. Just keep bailing.
Rob Winn26-Apr-2001    Edit    Delete 
Water leaks
It looks like you may have a problem. I get water in the front locker because I keep a hatch in the toilet open for ventilation. During wet weather water collects in the bilge. Otherwise it stays perfectly dry.
Peter28-Apr-2001    Edit    Delete 
Water leaks on RL28s
A common cause of water leaks in the forward area of RL28s is the front hatch. A very slight drip in heavy rain can accumulate a surprising amount of water.

The original hatch is made by Houdini in the UK and replacements are very expensive. Other makes are now cheaper and more leakproof. Leaks can be fixed but require perseverance. Contact Sikaflex for their recommendation on the best sealant for that application. Dig out all the old sealant until the glass is loose then apply the new and clamp lightly. I had to have two attempts to completely stop all leaks. The sealant I used had the amazing property of one small drop being able to cover the entire boat and all occupants in black gunk, so ultra-careful application is required.

The other potential place for a leak is from the bolt retaining the centreboard. This should be entirely smothered in silicon sealant. Most manufacturers only guarantee the sealant for 12 months in "underwater applications", but carefully applied to a clean surface, it can last more than 15 years.

Keith Merkley3-May-2001    Edit    Delete 

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