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Hinged Hatch on RL28
I am wanting to add a hatch to my RL28, and have been told hinging it forward is the easiest way, rather then trying to install a slider. It appears to me like the cabin roof slopes towards the bow, ie not level. Two options........follow the same slope as the cabin roof, or level up the hatch part the opens, making the forward lip deeper then the aft edge. Anyone done this before ??? Also rather than tryng to patch up and use the cut out, I was proposing to use very solid colored perspex...also making the door the same, and sliding it vertically in. Should the boom traveller then be be mounted on the step into the cabin, or can it be placed forward of the hatch ?? I am assuming the hatch length stops 50 mm or so aft of the cabin pole just inside the door ????? Any advice welcome.........
John Billing20-Sep-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hinged Hatch on RL28
WE fitted a sliding hatch to our RL28 and it did not prove to to difficult, The boom traveller was fitted to a bridge under which the sliding hatch can pass under,the original sheet blocks were used and were o.k. The only problem encounted was that there is electrical wiring in the area that has to be cut out.
Kingsley White4-Oct-2004    Edit    Delete 

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