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For your info
The September edition of Cruising Helmsman has a great article on "Cape Upstart" the Home of the Burdekin Trailer Yacht Club Nth Qld Regards Rob
Rob20-Sep-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: For your info
Thanks for that Rob. The article took some finding; the September edition had already been taken from the shelf and replaced by October. The photos were a real "back to the 20th century". Some of the best days of our lives were spent on Upstart Bay, an unbeatable escape from a mad world growing madder. The club can't be far off a 30th anniversary. I did see one photo of an RL being launched at Molongle. Are there any others?
Mike25-Sep-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: For your info
Hello Mike The Club is going well we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. There is a sail about every third weekend tide & weather permitting . We have 1 RL24 in the fleet "Escapade" you would remember from Townsville a verv early boat & My RL28 although there is another 28 in the district. The main aim of the Club is still for every one to have fun & enjoy themselves with about 3 or 4 BBQ meetings though the year with the odd Grottie Yachtie night thrown in. Our race starts are still the same where everyone lines up as close to a straight line as possible & the Cruise Director drops a hat & yells out GO. Twlight sails are a regular occurance on Saturday towing a couple of spoons up to the Bun & back followed by the evening BBQ at the hut with the order of the night back to the boats for coffee, port & fruit cake. We would love to see you & Sue tow the boat up here when you get some spare time for a spot of Sailing, fishing & crabbing. Regards Rob
Rob27-Sep-2004    Edit    Delete 

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