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Replying to:Replacement Mast for RL24 mk4 tapered round alloy or carbon
I have a long term plan to replace the mast on Dream On DT (originally called Dump Truck) which was broken mid section and profesionally repaired (Sleeved) before I purchased her 15 months ago. Any suggestions. Alloy or carbon? Would a carbon masts put the boat outside the class rules. I would like to go in the 2005 nationals. My racing sails are the original set of Mylar Kevlar marked 1987 used in the following nationals. They are in excellent condition. The main appears large and very roachy compaired to the smaller blade like jib. Does that affect what the mast characteristics should be or are all rl 24 the same. I have seen several boats with skiff mast/sails. Would a skiff mast do the job if the size matced my current mast. I will likely be riging the mast myself.