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Asymmetric Spinnaker question
A question for the RL association and class racers. If the RL24 is a development class, why haven't the class allowed asymmetric spinnakers?

I have seen a RL24 with a bowsprit/pole and an asymmetric spinnaker and was told it was not possible to use it in the class racing.

Clearly the development was practical, relatively cheap (for the performance gain) and capable of helping the RL24 stay competitive with more modern sports boats in mixed fleet racing.

I realise this would need a remeasurement of the class. Since its a development class, boats should be continually measured as a part of scrutiny so another change and measurement should not be a big issue. That is the fun of running a development class.
Greg13-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
This issue was discussed at the AGM about 3 years ago. The class rules require the spinnaker to be symmetrical and no more than 20 sqm in area. My recollection is that the class would support anyone that wanted to go down the sports boat path but there was very little real interest at the time.I suppose that it would simply require a member to propose a change to the class rules and a majority of members present to support it. I doubt that that would happen though.

The class rules do have some restrictions which I think are sensible. It is a Trailer Sailer and I wouldn't want to see its cruising aspect removed.
James Shannon13-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 

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