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Why so quiet?
Sorry I haven't been on for a while, I've been tiling the computer room. What has happened to the discussion? Rumours are flying that an ex crew of Walshie may soon become an owner in his own right. Stay tuned.
James Shannon11-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
I agree
Is it the different forum or what? with the old forum I used to check the site at least every second day and there was always a question or a tip. has everyone gone to the moon?
Martyn12-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
Problems with forum?
Is anyone having problems using this forum? If so, let me know how I can make it easier to use. Send an email to Send Message.
Hopefully features like the "show new entries" make it easier for regular visitors.
Keith Merkley13-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
I suspect the search engine function is allowing people to look up information avoiding the need to ask the questions.

The forum is working well.

Greg23-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 

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