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rl28 2nd spreader
could someone advise re;-reason for the above is it neccesary if so the correct size to fit.
Steve Illa7-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
Diamonds on RL28
The second, top, spreaders are for diamonds to stiffen the top of the mast so that a masthead spinnaker or masthead genoa (drifter) can be used.
It should be added if using either of these sails but probably not necessary otherwise.

Keith Merkley11-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
Upper diamonds
Keith with a mast head spinaker & drifter on a 29ft over sized section mast should the spreader be swept forward or at right angles to the center of the hull Regards Rob
rob11-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
Top Spreaders
They are usually at right angles to the mast. I don't think it is all that critical. It is mainly to stop sideways bend anyway; the mainsail will prevent most forward bend.
Keith Merkley13-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 

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