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Re: RL 24 ballast
I am also interested in this, I have acquired an old RL and have not yet sailed her, but want at least the same stability as an Embassy/Kestrel 18, Hartley TS18, or similar.

Looking at the hull shape of an RL24 I imagine adding 100kg to 200kg each side of the centreboard case is possible. It would be 10 to 20 litres volume in lead.

Has anyone experimented? At first I thought it would ruin the planing ability of a great boat, then I saw pics of RL24 yachts planing with more than that weight in extra crew aboard.

I sail exclusively in Whitsunday waters where our usual sailing conditions are 20 knots +/- and 1.5 to 2.5 metre breaking seas.
A normal week's sailing is nothing like the post cards :-)




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