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I am not real happy with the outboard on the bracket at the back my rl24.I am now looking at putting it in the outboard well.How successful is this?I can see the advantages but also disadvantages. cheers Dave

Dave from Derby4-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
Outboard in well
We have the outboard in the well. I believe the advantage far outweighs any disadvantage, having been caught in some heavy following seas with no sign of cavitation or the prop coming out of the water, much different from the experience on other trailer sailers with the motor mounted on the transom. It is a bit of a nuisance lifting the motor and installing the plate for racing, but it is a price worth paying. It also seems logical that there would be less "hobby horsing" with the weight of the outboard further forward.
Warwick5-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
Outboard in well
My RL24 Mk1 has a Chrysler 10hp outboard on it which was purchased shortly after the boat was laid down. The old motor is very reliable and when tilted for sailing in the well only leaves a small portion of the prop below hull level. When fully down it pushes the boat along without any cavitation and allows excellent response from the tiller. I have had occasion to get the motor going in some pretty heavy weather and was thankful to be able to keep all of my body inboard to get the thing going as opposed to lying across the stern stretched over rough seas. Unless you were a dedicated racer I can see no advantage in having the thing hanging off the back and the extra storage space gained is I believe negligable. In my humble opinion the motor should be left where it was designed to go.

Alex7-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
Leave the Outboard in the Well
I changed my outboard system on my mark 1 RL last year from the well to the transom and I regret doing it! I am glad I left the old well in until I had tested the new system as I have now two systems (cruising and racing). With the RL 24 being long and slim with low draft she is hard to control even with a bit of keel down and the outboard in the well.

I only fitted the new system to comply with the 'tilting of the outboard from the operating position' clause in the NOR for the titles. I prefer having the prop before the rudder blade as I feel this really improves the control and I always manouver into tight spots stern first even with the engine in the well!

Alastair Russell12-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
I'm for the well
Bought a 24 late last year and had a lot of fun sailing out of Loch Sport (Gippy Lakes) over the summer months. Boat has the motor on the transom .. bit of a nuisance compared to 28s I have sailed .. but manageable so far as operation is concerned.

Lake Victoria is a bit of a curse for short wavelength chop when the wind picks up and, on the very first outing, I got caught coming back from Metung to Loch Sport on the other side of the lake from Loch Sport when the blow hit. I dropped sails and tried to motor over .. never again .. useless as the proverbial .. got away with it that time but the only way is to sail it out of trouble.

Winter job, probably next year now with work load elsewhere, is to move the motor back to the well where, I suspect, it belongs.
John22-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 

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