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Suggestion: RL 24 CBH Ratings and Titles
Last year at the Australian TYA and Sportsboat titles the Rl 24 drop keel CBH rating was increased from .740 to .760 The reason given for this was that Simon Walsh's boat had a bulb. Simon and his crew sailed really well like true champions but the light weather during the event and the new rating put him out the door and at the end of the fleet! I have since heard (not confirmed) that this TYA has improved the drop keel rating to .750!!

In view of the above why can't the association ask the YV CBH committee to look into these problems. I think that we should race as one division at the titles and have only one champion but have separate CBH ratings, bulb, drop and swing keel with the swing keel boats who use a keel filler racing on the same rating as a drop keel.

Our class has a problem when we have only one RL 24 racing in the Marley Point!
Alastair Russell1-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 

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