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Information sought on painting my RL24
As the current Hull surface on my Mk1 RL is looking shabby and peeling it is now time I recoated the boat. I will do this work myself in an effort to keep down the costs. The boat will have to come off the trailer, I have been told that the it can be jacked up and successfully supported on blocks front and rear of the keel box. This would give me the added advantage of working on the keel as well.
Has anyone supported their boat in this way and if so what method did you use to jack it up to place on the blocks?
Any suggestions would be welcome..
Rod Kirke 27-Jul-2004    Edit    Delete 
step 1 put the mast up. step 2 tie the stern off and drive the trailer from under the boat. step 3 using the main halyard pull the boat over till the mast is horizontal and tie off.step 4 remove the keel step 5 lower the mast tip to the ground step 6 secure the boat at this angle(using the keel slot or chain plate)step 7 remove mast step 8 two carpenters horses one placed at the anchor well the other at the main sheet track. step 9 this where you need at least 5 or 6 bodies to flip it the rest of the way but it is worth the effort to really get the result.
kevin troy 28-Jul-2004    Edit    Delete 

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