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RL24 differences between models
I am about to purchase an RL24 and would love to know how to recognise the difference between the models? I have a boat in mind and have pictures of it, therefore some tips on visual recognition would be very much appreciated.
Anton von Sierakowski19-Mar-2001    Edit    Delete 
Difference between models
The differences between the 4 models is shown on the RL24 Features page.

http://www.runge.com.au/rl28/index24.htm .

Unfortunately these changes are only apparent if you have seen the other models so that the differences become apparent. The Mark IV is immediately recognisable by its drop keel.

Keith Merkley21-Mar-2001    Edit    Delete 
RL24 model identification
Hello Anton I have owned a mk1, mk2 and currently sail a mk3, the simplest way to identify the models is mk1 is very confined in quarter berths you have to position your backside under the combing to roll ower onto your stomach when you are in them, there is one ice box on port side of cockpit with larger locker to starboard and a sink to starboard in cabin. Mk2s have two ice boxes in cockpit with lot more room in quarter berths and sink to starboard in cabin. Mk3s hull is about 4 to 6 inches deeper and they have a ice box to starboard in cabin with no sink I hope this information is usefull to you. Regards Rob Ritchie

Rob Ritchie4-Apr-2001    Edit    Delete 
RL Recognition
Thanks for your reply Rob, sorry its taken so long for me to see it and reply. I ended up buying the first RL24 I saw (Footloose) and love it more as time goes on. As to layout mine appears to be quite different. Whilst it is a swing keel, it has a galley on the port side, stove on starboard with a porta potti just foward of the stove. With an ice box at the head of the cabin under the vee berths. The quarter berths I can just turn in. Just forward of the ice box and before the well under the deck locker is a storage space that I have fitted a flexable 55l water tank and a deck filler. I still am not sure what Mk Footloose is.
Anton von Sierakowski19-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
Ring expert Kevin Troy 0243844289an ex Robb employee.
I,m sure Kevin would be happy to help u as he sailed with Robb Legg for years. Mk 1 appears to have a bulge in the combing around the winches & a covered in small anchor well . Mk 2 appears to have wider combing around the winches in the cockpit with no bulges,and a large open anchor well .Mk 3 has 5-6 inches more height somewhere, in the cabin i presume? One of them maybe the Mk4 was built for racing and ___maybe only comes with a dagger board instead of a swing keel.It,s about time somebody with authority (maybe the webmaster, Keith, with help from Kevin Troy perhaps) posted a definitive answer on this web page ( not hidden in the the disscusion section )as this question seems to pop up quite frequently unanswered!!!!!! AND please add RL28,s (cause i,m a rich dick with both )
Neil Ensor27-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 

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