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RL 89er
As my mark 1 RL 24 Parahandy cannot comply with the current rules for both swing keel and drop keel RL 24 I have decided to form my own class association. If Robb Legg agrees I would like to call my class an RL 89er as Parahandy complies with the 1989 version of the class rules. I will of course submit my new class rules to the YV CBH committee for approval and a CBH rating. I am thinking of applying for two ratings with the other one being for the RL 89er SS. The SS version will stand for 'Seniors Special' and will not have a spinnaker.

I will of course be placing a copy of my class rules on this web site and i can assure you no information will be withheld.
Alastair Russell20-Jul-2004    Edit    Delete 
Name Change

The name of the RL 89er class has been changed to the Newlands Arm Restricted Klass (Yes the Nark Class). She just might just become a fixed keeler and be put up for an AMS rating.

Now just for you James, AMS means Australian Measurement System and it is a design handicapping system.

James, You must realise that I am really trying to save Para Handy from a Viking's farewell. She is registered in Victoria but her sub standard trailer is registered in NSW. (bloody Vic trailer laws)

Alastair Russell23-Jul-2004    Edit    Delete 

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