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rolling over an RL24 to paint
Our much loved 24 is in need of a coat of paint on her hull. How can I roll her over without doing any harm? I have a large level grass area to work on!
Steve Smith11-Mar-2001    Edit    Delete 
Rolling over an RL24
I have rolled over my RL24 numerous times on the grass to remove or refit the keel. I have used an old matress and a couple of spare tyres, both successfully. I have just tied a rope around the mast at the hounds and pulled it over with a Turfor winch attached to the base of a tree with no ill effects. It may be risky doing this if you have not strengthened the chain plate attachment points as the original U bolts through the deck are prone to pulling out, especially with a skiff rig.
Trevor Jones6-Apr-2001    Edit    Delete 

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