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I am considering fitting an adjustable forestay to my RL24. Interested to hear comments re. performance effectiveness, also about the basics regarding adjustments according to conditions.
Cheers, Ian
Ian Cook17-Jul-2004    Edit    Delete 
Adjustable Jib stay
Dump Truck RL24DKMk4 (now named Dream On - DT) has a deck level adjustable jib stay and jib luff tension. Both adjustment ropes emerge and are cleated off next to each other in the cockpit next to the companionway. This is how stay is set up. The wire jib stay is fixed at the top to the mast standard fashion. The length of the jib stay plus bottom shackle is set up so that under full tension the shackle will be above but close to deck level. With the tension completely off the shackle should fit to the shroud easily after putting the mast up. The stay is shackled to wire (1) that emerges from a hole in the deck located near the bow. Wire (1) runs through a pulley (A) attached by the becket to the bow below the deck in the anchor well above the location of bow to trailer winch connection hard point. The wire (1) does its turn through the pulley (A) and goes toward the stern and attaches by the becket to pulley (B). Wire (2) turns through pulley (B) forming a “V” laying face down with pulley (B) forming the pointy end of the V and with the “V” pointing toward the bow. Wire (2) provides a two times advantage, with one end running back to ward the stern and where it is attached to the Stb corner of the anchor well rear bulkhead. The other end of wire (2) goes back to a seven times advantage set of pulleys (C7) (similar to a magic box), all kept tidy inside a 400mm long piece of poly pipe and attached to Port corner of anchor well rear bulkhead. The tail of the rope from the (C7) pulleys then passes through the anchor well rear bulkhead and via fairleads on the inside of the cabin roof to the cockpit bulkhead mounted cleat. Use: Put the mast up and secure it with the spinnaker halyard to the pulpit. Fit the jib stay shackle to wire (1) and then remove the halyard. From the cockpit an easy pull on the rope and the 14 to 1 total advantage provided by the pulley set up makes adjustment of the stay tension easy and convenient at any time. Tune: Generally, at shore, adjust the inner shroud lengths to set the limit of the mast bend I want on the day. More wind needs more bend to give less camber in the main. On the go, I tension the jib stay up till there is no sag in the jib stay when on the wind. If the wind lightens dropping some tension can reduce mast bend and increase camber in the main. Learning is “A work of art in progress”. Also I have been told that when Dump Truck raced she carried no inner shrouds so there was no limit on the amount mast bend that could be induced by pulling on the jib stay tension . Except for breaking the mast. Any tips on getting the best out og the set up would be appreciated. Dream On.
Garry Carr18-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: Forestay
INMA is a similar Mk4 to Dumptruck. They were all developed during a time in Qld when the RL24s were truly developed with new factory boats given the best technology available at that time.

Having sailed on small keelers in the past, I learnt on boats with ridgid rigs that took a lot of work to get them planning. The RL is so different and so much fun.

Perhaps the one thing I have found with INMA is that keeping the load off the vang lets the rig flex and change shape in tune with the conditions. If I increase the load on the vang, I find the rig needs more monitoring whereas she virtually tunes herself if the vang is eased a little bit. All boats are different and racing might be a different story but to date, I have forgotten the tuning rules with regard to the vang when the wind is forward or reaching and she seems to develop speed and power more easily than with lots of vang. The big roachy main works better than anything I have seen on previous boats I have sailed.

greg28-Aug-2004    Edit    Delete 

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