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RL24 nationals jan 2-7 2005. gippsland lakes yacht club paynesville. 11 races (2 invatation,7 heats,lemans,sternchaser)social division. carn`t bring all your crew? crew people available

bernie ryan(coordinator)13-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 
How does a Sternchaser work?


Dave parker17-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 
everybodys individual boat times are taken from the 7 heats of the championships, and then calculated times are then given to each individual boat.Slowest boats start first.If everyone sails to their handicap time, everyone should finish together.
bernie17-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL 24 Titles

Could you arrange to have my RL 24 measured by the association measurer. It is my intention to compete in the titles at Paynesville in 2005 as a swing keeler.

Alastair Russell30-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 

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