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First boat and suitable towing vehicle
I an looking at purchasing my first trailer sailer and am considering a RL24 MK111. I would be interested to hear from owners about the suitability of an RL24 as a first boat. I am a novice sailer and would be sailing on inland lakes. ALso I own a 1988 long wheel base Pajero with a 2.6 litre (4 cyl) engine. The weight of the vehicle is 1420 kgs. Can anyone tell me if this vehicle would be suitable to tow a RL24?
Rob SCHMIDT26-Feb-2001    Edit    Delete 
re: Suitable towing vehicle for RL24
Any family sized car is fine for towing an RL24. A 4WD has an advantage on slippery ramps. I think RL24s are ideal for a first boat. They are fast and fun to sail, but stable and forgiving enough for the first time sailor. As for any boat of that size, some basic sailing knowledge is essential, primarily safety issues, such as how to avoid accidental gybes. RL24s respond quickly to sail adjustments and helm changes which makes them ideal for learning.
Keith Merkley10-Mar-2001    Edit    Delete 
Keith thanks for the advice
Rob SCHMIDT13-Mar-2001    Edit    Delete 

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