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rl28 weights and c of g for trailering, trailer designs.
I am looking at getting a trailer made for an rl28. Has anyone got some actual weights of boats with all fittings and rigging, o/b motor, tanks full etc. Has anyone some actual weighbridge weights for an rl28 fitted out ready to tow on a trailer including the trailer (please specify if these are axle weights or gross weights). I am led to believe that it may be just under the 2000 kg once the towbar weight is subtracted from the gross, but prior to organising a trailer I want to be sure of its axle weight for the purpose of selecting the type of braking system to satisfy the current regulations. I realise the c of g will vary dependant on the weight of motor, tanks and what is in them but if anyone has any relevant information concerning the position of the c of g such that the correct axle positions can be determined for a reasonable towbar weight. I would appreciate such information. I would also appreciate any drawings/designs for trailers to suit the rl28. Thanks in anticipation for any assistance. Mike.
Mike Barnden29-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
I have a great trailer
Hi Mike

I dont know especially about weights, but I do have a fantastic trailer. I can send some photo's and the like if you want. I have these great lead bars which makes my recovery about three minutes. I do have a break back trailer but I do prefer to sink my trailer. Just drop me a line.

Robert Lester30-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
rl28 trailer.
I would love to have any details you have available on your trailer Rob. Photos sizes weights and maybe where you had it built would all be very useful. I have emailed your email address a few days ago but so far not heard back from you. Thanks for the offer of assistance. Email me and I will give you address phone number etc. Thanks again


Mike Barnden6-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 
I have emailed photos and a rough sketch with measurements which are approx. withing 10mm or so. I hope this helps you
Robert17-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 
Thanks I have printed the information and the photos off.

I will let you know how things turn out after I have had the survey completed and go ahead. I have 2 companies which are quoting at about the right price but with both I have had to explain the definition of the weights. These are both trailer manufacturers and only when I forward the relevant legislation and definitions to them have they agreed that the trailer plus boat could be done without breakaway brakes. It seems the rl28 is just on the upper limits, assuming the weights on the specifications are correct and do have a rigged boat and motor factored into the weight stated. If Rob is monitoring this a confirmation would be helpful since no one yet has been able to give me any actual weights even though I have emailed quite a few owners.

Thanks to greg as well, his input has been invaluable in sorting out this issue. If all goes well I will be ordering a trailer within a couple of weeks and will post the details and the results as they come to hand. I am assuming that there may be a few who may need new trailers for the rl28 as the new regulations begin to bite and the older trailers show more signs of sitting and decaying.

I have just received confirmation from Rob as I am posting this,
(Mike. The figures that you quoted origanly came from a weigh bridge certificate that I had some 20 years ago of a unit that we raced all around Australia. We carried it as we were questioned several times interstate re the weights. I see no reason why the boat you are interested in should exceed this as long as the tanks are empty. If the boat was built under survey the weight could increase by some 100 kg or more.
Good luck with your purchase.
Rob Legg.)

and this from Jason confirming his boats weight
(Hello Mike,
I have just weighed my newly aquired 1988 RL28 "Distraction" and it weighed in at 2510KG. This included a 9.9HP Yamaha 4stroke, Trailer, sails, Rig and all related sailing equipment.
The water and fuel tanks were empty.
Hope this helps.
By the way I'm a press photographer for the Advocate Newspaper in Tassie, guessing by your email address your in a simular profession
Jason Hollister.)

So with a rigged boat at 1510 and a trailer at 600 and a drawbar component of 150 - 200 It will just make it in with an axle load of just under 2000 kg. I will certainly attempt to get the trailer manufacturer to keep the weight of the trailer down as low as possible.

I will post details of the trailer progress and if all goes well will detail who and where I am sourcing the trailer.

Thanks again everyone and Rob it is great to find a product which is supported and stands the test of time.

mike21-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 
boat weight correction
Sorry folks I had a typo in my mail to Mike.
The correct weight was 2510KG.

jason 21-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 
rl 28 trailer
To Robert Lester iam also interested in your trailer specialy lead guide setup i can be contacted on mobile 0418787358 27/7 for my adress. Thanks in advance.
Steve Illa22-Jul-2004    Edit    Delete 

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