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Sail Training
Hello All,

I'm new to sailing (but have done plenty of power-boating) and would like to get some instruction before buying my first sail boat (hoping for an RL24) - can anyone advise me on a good sailing school in the Sydney area, and what level of training I should have before taking out my own boat?

I have seen plenty of schools advertising on the net, but I must admit they seem rather pricey!



Adam29-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
learning to sail
The links page on this site includes a link to Trailer Sailer Place. This is a net group of trailer sailers including a few around sydney.

With a bit of introduction of yourself, it should not be hard to get a crew position where you can learn and experience different yachts. Most yacht clubs have provision for casual crew when racing. Don't be too worried most skippers are happy to look after a learner.

You may find it easier to select a boat type and understand more a obout buying a trailer sailer after a few months as crew aboard several yachts.


Greg29-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Sailing Schools
Hi there,

I think i can safely say that Pacific Sailing School is one of the better ones on the harbour. I worked for them so have an insiders view. They are based at the CYCA (rushcutters bay). If you do a bundle of courses they will discount substantially to help you along. I would recomend at least the "Comp Crew" Practical with "safety" theory.

If the money can handle it do the full "inshore skippers" but take your time-there is no need to do it all in a month.

They also have an excellent Race program if you want to go down that path.

The other advantage with Pacific is that they are using J24s and Blazers. They are more like the design of the RLs than the boats many other schools offer. Many Charter/schools have beneteaus etc.. very nice but a bit like driving a bus compared to an RL.

this was not a paid announcement :-) Good Luck

Dave parker

Dave parker3-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 

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