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Oright I'm an idiot, OK! When I fly my kite both the brace and the sheet seem to be too high and don't appear to allow the spinnaker to atain proper shape. When my daughter was sailing 420s we had a little hook on the shroud to bring the foot of the kite down. I have various bits of cleats and dead eyes around my boat, should I be looking for something half way along my boat to help the kite?, or am I just setting it wrong. I do ease the halyard and that helps but it still seems to want to fly too high. Currently I rig the kite on turning blocks and over center cleats at the stern. HELP! Yes I do have a kicker on the pole but it doesn't seem to help.
Martyn RL 24 Ambuscade 225-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
INMA has adjustable tweekers near the shrouds to adjust the angle of the sheet down when required.

I had similar sail control problems and rigged an effective downhaul but have not tried it out.

For the brace, you need a pole down haul. I have been working on this because INMA's pole is a modest diameter and does not have bridles. So I have planned to rig the uphaul and downhaul to one end of the pole like larger ocean racers to minimise the compression loads on the light pole.

Other RLs have bridles on similar poles to mine but I am not confident mine would survive when worked hard.

If needed, I will put a line from tack to tack on the spinnaker to assist with sail shape and jibbing. We can't end for end the pole with our rig but the RL is light and should not be too much of a problem on jibes.


Greg25-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
You should be looking for a dead eye or small block on either side near the shrouds. You should then be running a light line through this block back to the cockpit. At the end of the line you should have a small pulley block through which runs the spinnaker sheet/brace. When it is the brace this block should always be pulled hard down to deck level. When it is the sheet it depends on the angle of the breeze. If running dead downwind it should be on tight, if close reaching, it should be free. All angles in between you can adjust bearing in mind that you want the spinnaker clews to be level at all times. The downhaul has little effect on all this save to stop the pole bouncing around or skieing during a jibe or broach. It is necessary but not for sail shape.
James Shannon26-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Thanks for the replies, yes I do have a down haul but it doesn't effect to problem whithout extreme tension on it and I know this is not the way to go. Thanks James I do have some dead eyes in that area and a collection of blocks and sheets that didn't seem to belong anywhere, I also have some jam cleats just below the whinches on the outside of the cabin, I'm guessing that is what they are for given your descrpition. M
Martyn26-May-2004    Edit    Delete 

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