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weight of boat
Hi again Has any one got a guessimate of the allup weight of a Rl 24 (8hp motor) Cheers Dave
Dave from Derby18-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Weight of boat
The weights are listed on the RL sight under '24' but naturally modifications and repairs over the years will have changed the original specs. I have been told my '24' has a couple of extra 'lay ups' around the board area and some extra strengthening through the whole keel area some. I guess the versatillity of the craft has led to many adaptations. Welcome back!
Martyn18-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
weight rl 24
When i first bought my rl i removed anything that was not bolted down motor battery etc then ran over weigh bridge 1120kg . recently weight total rig when heading away for long weekend 1520kg have also weighed bear trailer and got 420kg approx I have since bought a tandem trailer so have a single axle trailer for sale
peter tetley20-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Thanks Peter Nearest weigh bridge to me is 400ks away.I'm not real happy with the present trailer for what I intend to do(travel around Aust)so I'm looking at building a purpose built one.No trailer builders up here either.Why did you go to to a dual axle? Dave
Dave from Derby22-May-2004    Edit    Delete 
Dave,I went to a tandem trailer because i was very close to max weight trailer, feel safer with dual wheels ,have nearly lost 2 wheels,nuts done up to tight plus corrosion on studs even though they donot touch water,broken studs both times.I am hoping to do longer trips in the years to come only sail close to adelaide at moment.Sorry took so long to reply.peter
Peter Tetley15-Jun-2004    Edit    Delete 

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